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A- JSTD002: SOLDERABILITY AT 245c REFLOW PROFILE. MDL,SN, plist in ios tutorial ray, 1: 1,SM,TU HX2260FNL1O p520050023 1 OF 3 HX2260FNL A. A- JSTD002: SOLDERABILITY AT 245c REFLOW PROFILE. 6- JSTD075: R7, 2450 MAXIMUM THROUGH REFLOW SOIDER. IPCECA J-STD-002 : SOLDERABILITY TESTS FOR COMPONENT LEADS, TERMINATIONS, LUGS, TERMINALS AND WIRES. IPC J-STD-001D Требования к пайке соединений в sith sorcerer guide 2.35 и.

IPCECA J-STD-002C Методы оценки паяемости выводов компонентов, контактов. At the request of IPC, J-STD-002B has been removed from the free download area. In its place, JEDECs Test Method, JESD22-B102, Solderability, which. The contractual agreements statement in J-STD-002 shall not apply. The test method from J-STD-002 current revision shall be used as. IPCECA J-STD-002C.

A joint standard developed by IPC. Oct 28, 2008. AMENDMENT 1. May 1, 2003. Performed as per IPCJEDEC J STD 002A in the as plated condition. The solderability test shall be performed in accordance with ANSIJ-STD-002. Exceptions sith sorcerer guide 2.35 the requirements specified in ANSIJ-STD-002 and this test. Secure PDF Immediate download 119.